Why You Should Choose J and J Air Conditioning Services

If you intend to purchase or install a new heating system, contact J&J Air Conditioning today. Here is why you should choose J&J heating services.

Range of Services and Products

Our company offers a wide range of services including AC sales, equipment maintenance and repairs, as well as installation. Moreover, we have factory-trained technicians meaning customers get quality workmanship during repair and maintenance of heating units. At the same time, we stock different brands of heating products including Carrier, York, Honeywell, Amana, Lennox, Robertshaw, and Second Wind.

Heating Systems Expertise

Our company has experts with in depth knowledge of different types of heating systems. Moreover, we have experts in installation and maintenance of heating units. This is important because different heating system brands have different features and functionalities. Moreover, the type (electric or gas fueled) of heating system selected determines aspects like type of peripherals required and even maintenance costs. For example, electric heating systems are easier to install and maintain because they require fewer parts.


According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), businesses with good reputation attract better staff than competitors, are perceived to offer quality products/services, as well as attract loyal customers who buy a broader range of services/products. With this in mind, our company has a stellar reputation because it provides customers with reliable AC products. Moreover, we have well-trained customer service agents and technicians.


Consumers who want to purchase new heating units should consider our range of AC products. We have quality products manufactured by renowned brands like Honeywell, York, Amana, and Robertshaw. What’s more, we offer services such as AC installation, maintenance, duct cleaning. Finally, our company has a reputation of providing quality products to customers. For more information on our products and services, call J&J Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.