UV Lights in Eastland, Breckenridge, TX, and the Surrounding Areas


Home comfort is a factor of both air temperature and air quality. If a room only has air that has been properly heated or cooled, but full of impurities, it will be highly uncomfortable as well as unhealthy for the occupants. To achieve optimal comfort, therefore, air must not only be properly cooled/heated but also filtered and purified to get rid of all the impurities.

Furthermore, the humidity level must also be regulated. While air filters can go a long way in removing airborne particles from the air, it cannot get rid of bacteria, fungus, and viruses among other types of air contaminants. The best option for ridding the air of these pathogens is using UV lights.

Kill Airborne Pathogens

Everybody knows that UV lights can be harmful to live organisms, including humans. However, controlled use can be constructive. For instance, passing air over an active UV lamp in an enclosed space, such as air ducts or the air handling unit of an AC system, can kill every airborne pathogen. What comes out of the other end is pathogen-free air. Once this air is passed through the air filter, it will be safe and healthy for human consumption.

Sanitize Your Air Properly

For decades, ultraviolet radiation has been used to sanitize surgical equipment, among other types of hospital supplies. In food processing facilities, ultraviolet radiation has for years been used to sanitize packing materials before food is packaged. Now, the same principle is used in the HVAC industry. We have a wide range of UV lamps from reputable manufacturers. Our technicians can install these lamps properly to ensure optimal performance while safeguarding the surrounding spaces. If you are concerned with the quality of air in your home, be sure to give us a call to explore some of the available options. You can also schedule a service through our website.

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