The Trouble With Dry Air

Most modern buildings come equipped with some form of air conditioning system and most of those distribute the air centrally. For the most part, these central systems will keep a building comfortable, but there is a big comfort factor that many people tend to forget. The humidity of a room can make almost as much difference as the overall temperature.

The Humidity Factor

The amount of moisture in the air plays a big part in how comfortable it is for a variety of reasons. If the air is too dry it can cause minor problems that are, usually, not life threatening but are irritating. Some of the symptoms include dry eyes, dry skin and lips, and scratchiness in the throat and sinuses. Another great indicator of uncomfortably low humidity is a buildup of static electricity. It is actually often the air conditioner that causes the lack of moisture. The condensing process and travel through ducts and filters can leave air much drier than the forty percent that most people find comfortable.

Add More Moisture

The best way to make the environment much more enjoyable is adding humidification services to the preexisting central climate control system. The added control of the humidity helps to increase how comfortable an environment can be. Humidifiers for central systems are not one of those simple things a novice can install alone. It takes skills and experience to inspect the system and make sure the right humidifier is installed. The wrong unit can create more problems than it solves down the road.

We Install Humidification Services

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