The Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump System

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), heat pumps extract heat from different sources including the air, water, and ground. This heat is used to heat rooms in residential and commercial buildings. The advantages of installing a heat pump system include:

Cut Electricity Use

Data from DOE shows that heat pump systems can lower conventional electricity usage for space heating purposes by about 50%. However, electricity use reduction varies largely depending on the type of heat pump installed. For instance, a geothermal heat pump can lower heating space energy usage by anywhere from 30-60%. Luckily, our company, J and J Air Conditioning, can help you select and install a suitable heat pump.

Save Money

Lower energy usage for space heating purposes translates to substantial savings. In fact, figures from the DOE show that homeowners who install Energy Star certified heat pumps can save approximately $330 annually on space heating costs. More importantly, the time required to recoup heat pump purchase and installation costs is surprisingly short ranging from 1.6-4.9 years. In addition, lifetime savings range from a low of $1,320 to a high of $5,550 depending on household size.


Unlike heating units powered by electricity, heat pumps are not prone to unexpected power cuts meaning homeowners continue to enjoy space heating during power outages. Moreover, heat pumps come in different sizes including small units suited to heating individual rooms. It is also worth noting that some heating units are ductless meaning they do not require installation of duct systems. This has several benefits. Firstly, it eliminates duct losses that can account for more than 30% of space-heating energy consumption according to the DOE. Secondly, you do not have to rip the walls of your home to run duct systems.


J and J Air Conditioning is a one-stop shop for all your heat pump needs. What’s more, our technicians are factory-trained to handle all the major problems associated with heat pumps. To enjoy these advantages, call our company today.