Refrigeration Repair in Eastland, TX and Surrounding Areas

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A refrigerator is perhaps one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time. This is because it made preservation of food, medication, vaccines, raw materials, and other perishable goods possible. As long as there is power, items kept in the fridge can be preserved for weeks, months or even years. Like any other type of machine, however, refrigerators contain a number of components that can easily break down.

Reputable Appliance Repair Company

For instance, there is a compressor unit containing an electric motor and a powerful pump. If either the motor or the pump fails, due to wear and tear, loose electrical connection, or any other reason, the refrigeration system will not work. Similarly, if there is a leak in the refrigeration system, the refrigerant will escape into the atmosphere, and the fridge will not work. We are a reputable appliance repair company specializing in HVAC equipment and refrigeration systems. Our technicians are professionally trained to repair refrigerators, so they can get your system back up and running in no time.

Common Refrigeration Problems

In addition to refrigerant leaks and malfunctioning of the compressor, refrigerators can also develop a wide range of problems. For instance, the thermostat can go off calibration, which means the system will not work as expected. Loose electrical connections can also disrupt power supply to different components, such as the compressor or the thermostat. Our refrigeration repair specialists are expert troubleshooters, so they can easily identify the main cause of the problem and perform the necessary repairs to ensure the refrigeration system is back to normal operation.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of refrigerator repairs. We also stock original spare parts that are sourced directly from the manufacturer. More importantly, however, you should choose to work with us because we are a highly rated company with thousands of satisfied clients.

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