Humidification Services for your Home

Home comfort is a factor of many things including; temperature, humidity and cleanliness of air circulating in the building. HVAC systems have air filters, so they can clean the air circulating in a room. They also heat and cool air accordingly to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. During the summer, air conditioners can also help to regulate humidity by condensing moisture and draining the condensate away through the condensate pan.

Effects of Low Humidity

During winter, however, low humidity is usually the main problem. Breathing in dry air can be painful and irritating, which will make your home highly uncomfortable. Furthermore, your heating system will be forced to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable indoor environment because dry air has a low heat-carrying capacity. The good news is that humidification services can help to raise the relative humidity in a room to the recommended 40-50%. At J & J A/C, we have a team of skilled experts who have the expertise, knowledge and experience needed to make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

J & J A/C Humidification Services

For nearly 30 years, we have been providing residential clients with HVAC products and services. Our areas of service are; Eastland and Breckenridge and the surrounding areas. We offer financing on all major projects; subject to credit approval. As a licensed HVAC contractor, we employ only professionally trained technicians who have met all the requirements set by law. Furthermore, our technicians have decades of combined industry experience.

If you have a low humidity problem, our specialists will carry out an assessment of your home to determine the severity of the problem. Next, they will identify the right humidification device and install it in your home. After the installation, it is important you fill the tank on a regular basis to ensure the humidifier works according to your expectations. Since there are different types of humidifiers, our specialists will advise you on the best humidifier to install. Call us today to request a quote and schedule a humidifier installation service.