Ductless Mini Splits in Eastland, Breckenridge, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Many types of air conditioners have been developed over the decades to suit the need of different types of clients. For instance, there is the central air conditioning system, which is best suited for cooling large indoor spaces in both residential and commercial property. There are also ductless mini splits, which are designed to cool indoor spaces in buildings that do not have the supporting infrastructure for the installation of central cooling systems. Mini splits are also great for cooling single rooms.

The Design of Ductless Mini Splits

As the name suggests, this type of AC machine is small in size and split into two main components. These are; the air handling unit and condenser unit. The latter is usually mounted outside on the wall, the ground or on top of the roof. The air handler, on the other hand, is installed inside the building, on the inner wall. It carries the evaporator coil, the thermostat, and a powerful fan. Its main responsibility is cooling air by drawing it from the room and passing it over the cold evaporator coils. The condenser, on the other hand, hosts the condenser coils, the compressor pump, and the powerful blower. Its main responsibility is cooling heated refrigerant. Mini-splits have become incredibly popular over the years. This is because they are easy to install as well as affordable. This can be attributed to the fact that ductless air conditioners do not require any ductwork. We have been installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing these systems for many years, so you can count on us to properly install and service your AC machine.

Maintaining Ductless AC Machines

Since ductless AC machines contain a number of parts, they must all be maintained by cleaning parts and lubricating all moving parts, such as motors and fan assembly. Our team of specialists can easily take care of your mini split air conditioning machine.

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