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The Most Common Air Condition Problems You Can Avoid

Your air conditioning system is not indestructible. It can surely experience some downtime and malfunctions. The following are the most typical problems AC unit owners usually encounter:


If your AC unit leaks, simply adding refringent will not immediately solve the case. You would need a technician to fix the leaks, examine the unit further, and charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant. You can’t just add the refrigerant yourself because the exact amount added must match the manufacturer’s specification. To avoid doing more harm than good, it’s best to just rely on the experts.


If you didn’t bother cleaning your air conditioning coils and filters, your air conditioning unit might not function well. If further overlooked, your fans and compressor might also not last. It’s best to maintain the cleanliness of your unit to promote its longevity.


Fan controls and compressors do wear out, especially if you keep on turning your air conditioning on and off. Since wire and terminals corrosion could happen, your electrical contacts and connections might also be affected. Don’t miss to have it checked by the technician upon the service call.


Air conditioners have a thermostat sensor, which is located just behind the unit’s control panel. This feature gauges the temperature of the air coming right into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is displaced for some reason, the air conditioner might behave erratically. The thermostat sensor should be near the coil without touching it. The wire that holds it in place must be adjusted outright.


This is another usual problem among AC systems. Especially when it is humid outside, you need to check the condensate drain to ensure that it isn’t clogged and is properly draining.

If you consistently experience the problems above and the quick fixes you know don’t work, it’s about time to call a professional to maintain, repair, or install a new unit. can be your partner in keeping your AC units up and running if you schedule an appointment with us on our website today. Our air conditioning repair service Breckenridge TX is up to the task.