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Air Conditioner Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

Air conditioning units could really encounter some problems from time to time, and if you do not like to spend money for repair each time, you’d really have to familiarize some DIY tips in solving the basic issues.

You can get started with the following:

1.  Examine your breaker

Your breaker could’ve tripped. This usually happens if you’ve got lots of other appliances on the same breaker. Giving your breaker a quick check will save you the cost of having to send your AC to the repair shop.

2.  Change your filter

Further repair can also be avoided if you simply replace your filter. Clogged or dirty filters inhibit the air flow and negatively affect the cooling efficiency of your unit. Also, your clogged filter can ice up your system if overlooked.

3.  Melt any ice

If the unit has indeed been iced up, melt the ice with an easy step. Just turn the AC unit off and run the fan to melt the ice swiftly. You may also just turn it off and wait for the ice to melt.

4.  Give it a good cleaning

Cleaning your device regularly can also go a long way. Clean the fan blades and get rid of the debris from the inside of the unit. You may also clean the condenser fins. Be gentle with the blades and fins as they’re fragile. Also, make sure that the unit is turned off before cleaning it.

5.  Examine your ducts

You might need to climb into the attic here to check your ducts out. Ensure that the air is indeed coming out of the ducts. If they’re too dirty that they’re blocking the air flow, another huge load of cleaning is needed here.

In case none of the tips above work, it’s time to call the experts. Visit to enjoy our seamless air Conditioning repair service Albany TX by scheduling your appointment today.